DDJW Events:

Ancestor Confirmation: A multimedia dance ritual that will inspire and engage audience members of all ages, incorporating the poetry and seven advice of RUMI (the love poet).  An eclected movement mix of African, Hip-Hop, Liturgical, contemporary, Modern and the mesmerizing art form of Sema.

DDJW: A custom-made performance designed to incorporate your school's curriculum or thematic lesson plan; excerpts from many of our signature pieces (i.e. My maya, Let Us Have Eagles, and Sign Language MOVEment.  Each module celebrates diversity through dance, music and American Sign Language with audience participation.

Young Jammers Workshop: Aziza created the DDJW Young jammers program seven years ago for 3-9 year-olds.  The workshop curriculum is a playful but structured learning process, combining many dance forms, gymnastics, American Sign Language (ASL), music, writing, and reading.  The workshops foster the principles of community, respect, and self-esteem, and prepares the young participants for our more advanced programs.

Spirit*Jewels:  Is a Inter Faith choreo-drama led by a character named Spirit .. . who confirms that God is universal.