The DDJW Community Service Fellowship provides scholarship and work experience to a DDJW graduate who is about to enter college. In order to be eligible for the annual award, a DDJW graduate must achieve good grades overall, declare a major in dance, arts management, deaf culture or women's studies, and serve in a brief internship with a local arts or community organization that has donated funds to DDJW specifically for this purpose.

Since DDJW members participate in all aspects of running the dance company, the Fellowship will allow eligible participants to practice their skills elsewhere and to share their talent, while giving back some of what has so freely been given to them.

DDJW is seeking companies, organizations and individuals to fund the Community Service Fellowship and provide a brief internship for one of its members. It is an opportunity for DDJW graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience in a new environment, and a chance for a contributing organization to introduce a fresh new perspective into its corporate or organizational culture. Sponsoring organizations are requested to donate a minimum of $100 toward the DDJW Community Service Fellowship. Def Dance Jam Workshop will then provide a matching grant toward the same Fellowship.

For more information about the DDJW Community Service Fellowship or if you or your organization would like to sponsor a DDJW Fellow, please contact Aziza via email: info@defdancejam.org or call 212.694.0477.


Ron Brown - http://www.evidencedance.com/

Elizabeth Van Dyke

Movin' Spirits
Marlies Yearby - myearby@earthlink.net

The Zenzalai Project
Lenora Zenzalai Helm - Zenzalai@aol.com or visit her web site at http://www.jcurverecords.com



image preview Tiffany Leysath
2000 DDJW Community Fellowship Award

College: TBA
Major: TBA
Class of 2004
image preview Shanel Turner
2000 DDJW Community Fellowship Award

College: TBA
Major: TBA
Class of 2004
image preview Kyisha Brooks
1999 DDJW Community Fellowship Award
Northeastern University
Major: Political Science and Sociology
Class of 2003
image preview Celia Flores
1999 DDJW Community Fellowship Award

Temple University
Major: Mathematics
Class of 2003
image preview Takiyah Gramby
1998 DDJW Community Fellowship Award

State University of New York at Purchase
Major: Women's Studies
Class of 2002